Monday, January 10, 2011

The Latest!

This weekend, I went on a sewing frenzy. Francyne and I found a pattern sale at Hobby Lobby, and vowed to make four dresses between now and the end of March. Her class schedule is different this semester, so she's going to start coming over Friday afternoons and stay the night so we can craft it up the whole evening long! We started on our first dresses on Friday. I finished mine on Friday, then made a vest yesterday. I want to make something again today, but I think I'll save that project for tomorrow, so I can have something to occupy my time.

Perfect little summer dress! Similar to Binki's in the floral pattern,
but with a sweetheart halter top. <3

Floral collared vest!
Looks great with my Pajama Jeans, huh? ;)

Perhaps today I will doodle and read Harry Potterfor the rest of the day. That sounds perfect. Yes. And so it shall be.