Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's chilly out today, so I'm making as much t-shirt yarn as possible to make some cute lil scarves. My goal for this winter is to make sure all my beloved ones have a warm neck. It's a work in progress but, nevertheless, progress is being made. I'm in the middle of the first season of Dexter right now, and it's a really great show to watch while cutting teeny strips of fabric. He's so meticulous. It's rather inspiring(ish). I just cannot wait to actually have my line-up finished. I should have had this Aha! Moment at the end of the summer so I could be working on my spring designs right now. But I'll get there soon enough. I have enough time on my hands.
I used to tell people that I work part-time and chill full-time because I haven't had a real job since August when Camp War Eagle ended. But now I can't really tell the difference between chillin' and working. It's really difficult for me to transition from being constantly on the go to constantly having huge gaps of time to occupy. If I was an empty-headed person, I would have hit depression's rock bottom months ago. But isolation has been a gift, a small piece of time to realize I'm not the most important thing in my world. So for now, my energy will remain focused on my newfound romance with t-shirt scraps. And doing so to glorify my First True Love.

Also, I just made a MARVELOUS discovery, thanks to Google images! I'm so giddy right now I can hardly contain myself. American Apparel now sells a Bag-O-Scraps of all their most popular printed fabrics! In an effort to cut costs and waste, they're saving the big pieces of fabric that would normally be thrown away. And at 8 dollars a bag, this is a dream come true. I was just talking to Francyne (my long-time partner in creativity) this weekend about how I need to find a way to get a hold of combed cotton. It's the specific method of cotton processing that American Apparel uses. I wanted this kind specifically because it's a lot softer than regular cotton knits and turns out as fabulous yarn. I didn't want to buy it by the bolt because that would not be enough variety, and buying individual AA t-shirts just to cut up is simply foolish... not to mention that it would totally go against my goal of recycling textiles. God is so good! Things like this are more than coincidence. This is precisely what I was looking for and I simply stumbled upon it. I am so in love with you, Jesus.

True Love,

P.S. I forgot to inform you that my four TOMS flags came in a day early!!! They're 19x30" heavy canvas flags and they're going to make the sweetest totes you've ever seen.
Newest accessory idea: TOMS cape
(Probably wouldn't fly though...
 Why did I have to inherit my Dad's sense of humor?)

These babies will soon be made into something useful. I cannot wait!

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