Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

Today was a really great day. I watched Jack Jack, the coolest 4 year old ginger kid to walk the planet. We watched Disney channel, read Dr. Seuss books, had a pillow fight, and drank hot chocolate.
This is Jack eating a chocolate muffin.

While he was playing with his Star Wars themed Disney action figures (best of both worlds sorta thing), I was busy cutting away and making yarn.

I made a decent amount of light blue, then proceeded to crochet it into a third of a scarf that will soon be posted. I know I say that a lot, but it really is a matter of time before I can finish custom orders, finish all my new pieces and upload them on my Etsy. The biggest problem I am currently facing (which isn't a real problem at all) is all my friends are putting in orders with me now. So I'm trying to complete those in a timely manner, in addition to working on new product ideas. But, after next Tuesday, I won't be working with Jack until January, so that gives me a solid three weeks to get ahead of the game. I am having so much fun!!! I feel like I'm getting into a serious relationship with this whole business thing... and it's everything I've been looking for in a job. I am so glad that this is all happening. :)

On a different note, I went into my recruiter's office today to sign my official contract for my Broadcast Journalism job that I'll be doing once I finish up Basic in June. I signed for six years. Officially. It hurt a piece of my heart knowing that I'm going to be twenty seven the next time I am free as a bird to do as I choose (unless I get married and have a child, and I pray that doesn't happen in the next six years). I've always been a free spirit, but I know that the freedom and desire to share beauty in my heart will not be extinguished by a little bit of structure. The Air Force is the chillest and most academic of all the branches, which I'm super stoked about. I loathe academia but I love learning so much that I am willing to serve actively for six years in order to get school paid for. I want to learn about everything, and they'll let me do just that! How ballin' is that? 

Although I am truly terrified of commitment, I know this isn't something to be afraid of. I know I'm going to love it. I'm really competitive, and the work environment I'll be in will be very conducive to ranking up. Apparently chicks rank up faster than dudes cuz' they feel the need to prove themselves, which is cool. The day I graduate Basic, I'll already be an E-3, which is two ranks above everyone else. (Hooray for college credit!) And when I graduate with Honors, I'll put myself that much farther ahead of the curve. I am just so excited about this time of my life. I was dreading April 5th two weeks ago, cuz I thought I was going to have to wait til then to occupy my time, but a certain life event happened, and the inspiration and motivation to do something with this chunk of time has not stopped. It's amazing what a good break up can do for a girl!

Jah Love,

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