Monday, December 6, 2010

Ideas and Such.

I sketched out some ideas that have been river dancing in my brain for the last week. It was so good to see them inked and rendered on paper. It feels like I get one step closer to achieving my goal of letting you see the final product when I sketch. Like it's a matter of hours before it's going to be finished. I love doing this so much. It's such a blast to get to work with my friends and family on ideas. They are a lot of fun and a lot of great help to bounce ideas off of. I truly cannot say thank you enough for the support I'm getting from everyone. I posted on Facebook earlier about t-shirt donations and an old family friend messaged me and asked how many I needed. It's so incredible how good people are. What's more, it's incredible how kind the people are in my life.
Knowing that I have such a great support system inspires me to try new things and keep exploring creatively. As a young designer, it has been difficult for me to find precisely what I want to portray stylistically. If I'm putting my name on something, I want it to reflect my imagination and ingenuity. I am a very daring and versatile person, but I know not everyone is like me so I'm doing my best to bridle my creativity and trot in one direction so I can really get somewhere creatively in the next five months.
It's a process. Because not everything is going to be easy or fast. But this pace keeps me grounded and stress-free, which is the goal. My sketches from today have a cutesy, gentle vibe with softer colors, some Rasta flavor, and really quirky pieces with vibrant color schemes. I think that about sums up all of my original designs. Like ever. My objective with this project is to absorb as much inspiration as possible from music, books, people, design and media, then compact it into basic accessories, favorite dresses and skirts.
Making cute things is not difficult. Convincing people they're cute, however, is. I want the things I make to look killer and super adorable on anyone, from the middle-aged bank teller to the 13 year old pop diva. I want my pieces to be so versatile that anyone can see it and be like "Hey! That's adorable. I would totally wear that." The hard part about doing that is making sure that my designs aren't as boring and tasteless as flat bread. They have to be chic and subtle, but with a smart edge to them.
I follow the blog which is written by Elsie Flannigan, and she is pretty much my ultimate inspiration. She is living the dream and I'm totally excited for her. She randomly posts pictures of things that inspire her, so I think I shall begin doing that also. It's like storyboarding and brainstorming all at once! Here goes my first few inspiration shots.


  1. oh em gee! This just made my day =D

  2. haha I'm so glad! I absolutely love everything about that picture. Even the colors of the wall behind you look like you belong in a story book. It's just perfect.